VascuTech Medical is a vertically integrated facility, capable of completing your order in-house quickly and precisely without outsourcing delays and additional expenses.

Access and Biospy Needles

Access Needle are typically used to assist in the introduction of a guide wire into the vascular system.

Balloon Angiology Catheters

Balloon Angiography Catheters are used to widen a narrow or obstructed blood vessel.

Dialysis Catheters

Dialysis presents a unique set of vascular access challenges from clotting to infection.

Drug Delivery Catheters

Intravascular Drug Delivery Catheters are intended for the local delivery of various therapeutic and diagnostic agents.

Hemostasis Valves

Hemostasis valves are used to help eliminate the backflow of blood during vascular procedures.


Introducer Sheaths and Dilators have tapered tips that facilitate percutaneous insertion of the device.